Cheese Experiments

la Normandie

A bloomy rind, mildly stinky cheese, with a diversity of surface yeasts usually found in the terroir of Normandy, France. While Normandy is famous for bringing Camembert to this world, la Normandie has more complexity in taste. Currently out of stock, a fresh batch should be ready first week of May.

Malabar Jack

Based on an American Jack cheese recipe, this hand tied and pressed cheese is finished with Chikmaglur coffee, Malabar spices and coconut oil rub on rind. This is my take on the award-winning Monterey Jack by the Vella Cheese Company; a truly artisanal, handmade product.

Queso Kesar

Saffron infused Spanish-style cheese, finished with paprika, fennel seeds, rosemary; and an EVOO rub on rind. This cheese is inspired from Mary Karlin’s recipe, however saffron-infused cheeses are common not only in Spain, but also the geographically similar Italian islands of Corsica and Sicily.


A clothbound textured curds cheese that is mild in taste up front and finishes with a lemony pucker. This Indian take on the celebrated Welsh cheese Caerphilly, is made by using a blend of buffalo’s and cow’s milks resulting in a unique profile and a natural marbling. The Lancashire technique of mixing old curds with new was also employed. Named after the Prince of Wales.

Neeli Bakri

A double cream goat’s milk blue cheese made keeping in mind of the famous Saint Agur Blue from the mountainous region of Auvergne in France. It was a bit of an experiment, going with goat’s milk, and has turned out less than ideal. Will be reworking this cheese. Available now, and expect a new one to be ready around the first week of June.

Toma Sahyadrese

A rustic, raw cow’s milk terroir cheese exhibiting microbial flora of the region. This cheese is about two months away from being ready. The milk comes from a farm near the highest peak in the Sahyadris, Mt Kalsubai, and hence the name. Tomas (Italy) and Tommes (France) are popular, rustic cheeses found in the foothill towns of Italy and France.

La Petite Baie

A young, mould-ripened mixed milk cheese based on the famous 3-milk cheese known as La Tur. In this case, it is made with a mix of cow, buffalo and goat milks. La petite baie translates to ‘the small bay’ and it is my hope that this cheese becomes a true Bombay cheese. Have had two failures with this cheese in the preparatory stages. Once I get the right fat and protein ratios, the cheese will have to age for a mere 3 weeks. Come back in a month to see an updated status!